Dr. Lena Noack

Royal Observatory of Belgium
Department Reference Systems and Planetology
Avenue Circulaire 3
1180 Uccle
Tel.: +32(0)23736 754
E-mail: lena.noack (at) oma.be

Main research interests

Mantle convection
Terrestrial planets
Water-rich bodies
Outgassing and crust formation
Simulation of plate tectonics

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  • Since 10/2012: Post-doc position
    Royal Observatory of Belgium, Department Reference systems and Geodynamics, Brussels, Belgium

  • 10/2008-09/2012: Doctoral studies
    German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Planetary Research, Berlin, Germany

  • 10/2003-09/2008: Diploma in Mathematics
    Humboldt Univsersity of Berlin, Institute of Mathematics, Berlin, Germany